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Always About Service

The only reason the Remington Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department exists is to serve and protect its community.  But most people don’t realize that this mission goes beyond fighting fires and providing medical help.  Sometimes the funds the department raises are offered to those in need.  Recently it was to a Fauquier County Deputy Sheriff who was being treated for cancer.  Once, the department raised almost $5,000 for a child stricken with the same insidious illness.

Most of the department’s committed volunteers are eager to admit that the thrill of fighting a fire or responding to the scene of a motor vehicle accident is addicting.  But they say there is an element of pride and belonging that goes along with it.



Being a member of Remington Co.2/14 is an amazing opportunity to giving back to my community. Both running emergency calls and as a community service. Going around to the schools (Elementary, Middle, and High schools) and showing the kids the trucks, special equipment and turn out gear that we carry. Also teach them how important fire safety is to learn. Volunteering at our Spring carnival and Fall festival is great. I’ve been in EMS since 1990 and the fire side since 1996. Remington Co.2/14 is one of the best Fire Departments around and I love the genuine camaraderie and everyone cares about our community.