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About Our Financial Operation

To understand the department’s critical dependence on donations, it’s important to get an accurate view of how the department operates financially.  As it always has, the Remington Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department offers its services to the community at no charge.   Most of its $300,000 annual operating budget is provided by the Fauquier County Government.  But the department must still raise approximately $50,000 each year to meet its operating needs.  The department also must raise its own funds to maintain its facility, apparatus and equipment, as well as to purchase new equipment and firefighting/rescue vehicles.

Most people don’t realize that a new fire engine costs over $600,000… just for the truck.  Hose lines, protective gear and other firefighting equipment to outfit a fire engine require another $100,000.  And an ambulance can cost as much as $150,000, unequipped.  So the department is constantly in need of donations from businesses and individuals in the community, and regularly applies for grants from charitable organizations that can help fund its needs.  It also hosts regular fundraising event, such as its popular monthly pancake breakfast at the firehouse, and annual four-day Volunteer Fire & Rescue Carnival each June.

In 2012 the department hosted its first Shrimp and Oyster Steam to raise funds, and hopes to make it an annual tradition.

The RVFRD sends out letters to members of the community requesting financial support, and local citizens have always been generous and supportive of their company.