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Firefighters and Paramedics

It takes approximately six months of intensive training to become a rookie firefighter or paramedic. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that volunteer fire and rescue personnel demonstrate specific proficiency before serving on the front line.

Many of our most dedicated volunteers began their training and service to the department as teenagers. Responsible young people typically have the time and energy it takes become competent firefighters or paramedics. The Remington Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department is proud to say that many have stayed with the department long into their adult years. Some have even passed on their commitment to the community to their children, who carry on a family tradition of service. But older volunteers can serve, too. Many of our volunteers continue their service past middle age and even into their senior years.

To Learn More

If you’d like to explore opportunities to serve through the RVFRD, call the station for more information, or ask a current member more about volunteering.The department also has some online resources to help you learn about volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in Remington Vol. Fire and Rescue Department. Please fill out the interest form and one of our recruiters will contact you soon.

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