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The RVFRD Auxiliary

Firefighters and paramedics may be the most visible members of our team, but there are many who serve behind the scenes who are equally as important.  The RVFRD has many volunteers who have no interest in riding fire trucks to a fire, or administering medical care to car accident victims.  Instead, they choose to offer their service as member of our fundraising, special projects and administrative force.

The health of the RVFRD is, to a great extent, dependent on its financial condition.  Regular fundraising events bring in the critical revenue to support operations and the purchase of new equipment.  A dedicated team of volunteers runs the department’s monthly pancake breakfasts, fireman’s carnival and other revenue-generating projects.  They are also there when the department reaches out to help people in the community in ways other than fighting fires and providing medical care.  And you’ll find them in the office, taking care of such important tasks as record keeping, community correspondence and bookkeeping.

It’s not unusual for people to say, “Oh, I’m too old or too busy to help.”  But this notion is completely false!  Whatever time you have to contribute is appreciated.  And no one is too old to help.  There are plenty of ways to serve.  And the benefits to you are uncountable.  You’ll be proud of your service to the community, and you’ll become a part of a close-knit team of friends with similar vision.

To Learn More

If you’d like to explore opportunities to serve through the RVFRD, call the station for more information, or ask a current member more about volunteering.  The department also has some online resources to help you learn about volunteer opportunities.

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